Au Pair Careers: Giorgia

by Au Pair in America

Giorgia, a former Au Pair from Italy, reflects on her unforgettable 2 years in New York, and the incredible impact it had on her life. Now she plans to spend the upcoming summer months in Italy with her family and friends. In September, she would like to start a Master in Linguistics, as a continuation of her Bachelor’s. Keep reading to find out how Giorgia has used her Au Pair experience to help her with her career.

“I’m Giorgia and I was Au Pair in America, New York, in 2022 to 2024 and I am from Italy.

When I decided to embark on the Au Pair journey I was finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Languages and Translation. I was studying a lot as my graduation was approaching and I needed a goal as a motivation to keep up with my studies. Moreover, I was uncertain of what to do after my Bachelor’s and I felt I needed some time to clear my mind and focus on my interests and passions. Becoming an Au Pair in America was an appealing perspective, as it involved improving my languages while being immersed in a new reality and dealing with children, whom I loved spending time with. 

My host family lived in Manhattan, close to Grand Central. I woke up every day in the middle of skyscrapers, yellow cabs and stores of all kinds. What a dream!

I took care of a 9-year old boy and a 11-year old girl, with whom I used to share activities and fun moments. I used to take them to the park or for walks with our family dog. Sometimes we went to the movie theater or we spent rainy afternoons playing in arcades or enjoying museums across the city. We used to eating out a lot: New York offers a great variety of cuisines from all over the world and with my host family I tried them all!

We also did a couple of trips together: they have a mansion in Texas, where we would go for boat trips or hikes. I also tried the indoor skydiving, which was so much fun! In New Hampshire I flew an helicopter for the first time: useless to say how awesome the landscapes were! Since we were close to a lake my host kids enjoyed fishing and as a reward at night we used to having s’mores on the fire.

My journey as an Au Pair in America delighted me with unforgettable moments: the one that stood out the most was my road trip to the National Parks of the West Coast. 1 van, 3655 miles, some friends and lot of energy and curiosity. In the Monument Valley I admired the most stunning starry sky I ever saw; I drove in the middle of the most insane natural environments while admiring breathtaking sunsets; I spotted unique animals and took pictures in front of canyons, lakes and wonderful landscapes. That travel changed my life and my perspective on the beauty of our world.

While being an Au Pair I bumped into all sorts of people, whose successful careers and paths of lives made me realize the way to success is possible. When there is willpower and determination. During my journey I strengthened myself and developed a self-confidence I didn’t have before.

Moreover, I broadened my horizons and perfected my languages speaking them with people from different nationalities. That was particularly helpful for my path of studies: I am now ready, both personally and professionally, to start a Master in Linguistics, perhaps abroad, without fears and weaknesses as I am used to overcoming all kinds of challenges. 

I have just got back, so I plan to spend the upcoming summer months in Italy with my family and friends. In September, I would like to start a Master in Linguistics, as a continuation of my Bachelor’s.”

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