Au Pair Careers: Riddy

by Tyra Wilson

Riddy, a former Au Pair from South Africa, reflects on her unforgettable year in Seattle, and the incredible impact it had on her life. Now running her own businesses wearing two hats as a Travel Specialist or Private Cook-depending on the day.

“I’m Riddy and I was Au Pair in America in 2016 all the way from South Africa, to a wonderful family with a little 4 year old and infant twins! We were based in Washington state, Seattle, to be exact and, man oh man what an absolutely lovely experience (the emerald city lives forever in my heart).

My host family was beyond amazing and till today I speak highly of them for everything they have exposed me to and help me experience during my gap year that side. I did A LOT through their guidance to help find myself, and they loved me so much they wished I extended my stay when they relocated across the country, which sadly I couldn’t cause I missed home so much.

The program along with a great host family and supportive community is honestly worth taking because it has experiences that are invaluable to you. Living in a different country experiencing a different culture altogether are some thing that can honestly fortify you as a person to face a lot more than you think you could especially if you’re alone, and you have no other form of support system, except for the little micro community that you have created.”

“My highlight was both twins learned to walk during my year as their Au Pair! Today they turn 8 years old, my 4 year old is gonna to be 13 and they have one more addition to the family, a little brother affectionately known as, “Baby Shark”.

We still keep in touch, I moved back home with a clearer mind and these days I run my own businesses wearing two hats as a Travel Specialist or Private Cook-depending on the day.  I loved my host family sooo much and can’t wait to see them soon, later this year ( I’m finally ready to take a long-haul flight again and face that jet lag, 20+ hours on a plane baby! Lol, not cute at all!)”

“The lifelong friendships and connections you create during your time as an au pair are the networking that may one day be useful for you as an individual in any future career or path you decide to take and for that I will always recommend this as a worthwhile program to be curious and venture into.”

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