Au Pair Careers: Sherry

by Tyra Wilson

Welcome to our first blog featuring our amazing former Au Pairs and the careers they have gone on to achieve. 🌎✨

In the first of our series, Sherry, a former Au Pair from China, reflects on her unforgettable two-year cultural exchange experience in New York, and the incredible impact it had on her life. Now working at Lopair in China (Au Pair in America’s local partner in China), Sherry shares how her experience as an Au Pair helped her gain confidence and how she gained a deeper understanding of cultural differences through her journey.

“I am Sherry from China. I worked as an Au Pair in New York for two years from 2017 to 2019 which was truly unforgettable for me. Although I have returned to China, I still work at the Au Pair organisation in China. Au Pair is of great significance to me.

After graduating from college, I chose to give myself a gap year. Going to a foreign country alone and becoming an Au Pair was the bravest decision I ever made. I have met a great family in New York, which is the city I have always wanted to go to since I was young, so I am so lucky.

During my two years as an Au Pair, I have gained a lot. I have visited many cities in the United States and visited neighboring countries such as Canada, Mexico, Cuba, and so on. Through the Au Pair in America program, I have experienced the diversity of the world, met many interesting friends, and discovered more possibilities in life.”

“I wasn’t a confident girl before, but luckily I met my host family. They always encouraged me to try new things, and they always supported me when I wanted to do things. They always said I was the best, and I gradually became more and more confident.

They have two children. The younger sister was 7 years old and the older brother was 9 years old at the time. They are very warm and interesting children. I would practice Chinese with them and they would practice English with me. We are more like friends who learn and grow together. By accompanying them, I also gained a better understanding of the differences in education between the East and the West, which has been very meaningful to me.”

“The Au Pair program has had a profound impact on me. It is truly a great opportunity to see the world and experience different cultures. I hope that more young people can understand this program in my country, so when I returned to China, I choose to continue working at the Au Pair organisation. During this process, I met many young people and heard them talk about their dreams. Now, it’s time for me to help them to see the world.”

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