10(ish) Things Being An Au Pair In America Has Made You Thankful For…

by Au Pair in America au-pair

Thanksgiving has finally arrived! Here are some of the things our au pairs are thankful for this year.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


1. Pumpkin Pie!

… and Pumpkin Spiced Latte

… and Pumpkin Spiced Yankee Candles


… and Pumpkin Spiced Jello

… and Pumpkin Soup


2. Your family back home! Who you used to find totally goofy embarrassing…

…but now you realize that they are AMAZING and raising children is HARD WORK!

3. Your host family who made you feel SO welcome and who never fail to make you feel

… like a big sister

… like one of their own ❤️

… like a part of the family

… understood

4. The little things in life, that you’ve learned to appreciate, like

… your host kid’s brutal, but hilarious honesty.

… when your favourite song comes up on Spotify at just the perfect moment.

… the moment you have the exact change to grab a cheeky morning bagel on your way to drop your kids off at school

… when a parcel has enough bubble wrap for your host kids AND for you

… the satisfying feeling you get after a great work out

… when you naturally wake up before your alarm goes off

5. Experiencing things that you would NEVER have dreamed of doing before! Like skydiving …

… and other bucket list-worthy things

… the opportunity to volunteer

6. Opening your mind and helping you to see the world in a TOTALLY different way!

7. The INCREDIBLE places you got to see!

8. The AMAZING friends you’ve made. Who’s up for a FRIENDSGIVING?

…and the friends you left behind!

9. The opportunity to live in the USA and being able to fully experience the US culture! Including but not limited to:


And holiday sales!

And peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

And long weekends and wacky family traditions!

And red velvet cupcakes!

And cheering for your team!

And turkey. So much turkey. Tofurkey anyone?

10. Becoming a strong, independent and just generally kick-ass person… now you’re ready to take on the world!

You’ve followed your heart, moved across the world, lived your dream and you’ve totally nailed it! Go team APiA!

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