10 Movies about Childcare to Watch Whilst You Wait To Embark

by Au Pair in America

Looking for some childcare inspiration? Let’s start with Hollywood! 🤩

1. Mary Poppins

Stevenson, Robert (Director) Mary Poppins 1964

This classic Disney movie mixes childcare with magic – in the most Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious way!

Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee that you will arrive to your host family by flying umbrella ☂️

2. Mary Poppins Returns

Marshall, Rob (Director) Mary Poppins Returns 2018

In this sequel to the original, Mary Poppins Returns is a modernised version of the well-loved story. Magical adventures to be expected! ✨

3. Mrs Doubtfire

Columbus, Chris (Director) Mrs Doubtfire 1993

Robin Williams portrays a divorced man dressing up as a old female nanny called Mrs Doubtfire, in an attempt to spend more time with his kids!

Spoiler Alert: Things don’t quite go to plan 😂

4. Nanny McPhee

Jones, Kirk (Director) Nanny McPhee 2005

A charming tale of seven mischievous children who chase away every nanny that tries to look after them…until they meet their match, the mysterious Nanny McPhee! 🔮

(Yes it may have helped that she has magic powers…but a kind, loving nature also works just fine!)

5. The Willoughbys

Pearn, Kris (Director) The Willoughbys 2020

New to Netflix, this animated movie shows 4 siblings embarking on an adventure to find the true meaning of family, helped along by their new nanny 💕

6. The Sound Of Music

Wise, Robert (Director) The Sound Of Music 1965

Maria is sent to be a teacher and nanny for 7 children, and eventually wins their love with her caring personality, enthusiasm, and music…LOTS of music 🎼

DID YOU KNOW… this classic movie is based on a true story?

7. Daddy Day Care

Carr, Steve (Director) Daddy Day Care 2003

This family comedy starring Eddy Murphy is about two men starting their own Day Care centre …and all the chaos that follows!🍼

8. The Nanny Diaries

Berman, Shari Springer (Director) The Nanny Diaries 2007

Scarlett Johansson plays a college student that takes a job as a Nanny for a wealthy family – and their spoiled son – in New York City! 🗽

9. Kindergarten Cop

Reitman, Ivan (Director) Kindergarten Copy 1990

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this action-comedy film as a detective, who goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher in order to catch a criminal 🧸

10. The Pacifier

Shankman, Adam (Director) The Pacifier 2005

A Navy SEAL gets a new assignment – to protect and look after 5 mischievous kids from some bad guys. Of course, he realizes childcare isn’t as easy as he thought…but then soon learns how rewarding it can be! 👶

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