7 Tips To Improve Your Application

by Tyra Wilson

1. Update Your Photos

A good way to show who you are is through up-to-date photos. There are only 5 photos allowed on your profile, so it’s important to show variety. If all of them are showing the same aspect, for example if they are all childcare photos, it gives a very limited view as to who you are.

Keep in mind, they should be: child friendly, have no alcohol or smoking showing, and in full color (no black and white).

2. Update Your Video

It may be a few months since you’ve updated your video.  A new video may show an improvement in your English skills, and mention any new childcare experiences.

3. New Hobbies

Skills and hobbies are a great way to show your personality. During lockdown you might have gained some new interests and skills, like baking or horse-riding! If so, add them to your hobbies section.

4. Now or never

Once you are active in the US, you are unable to make any changes to your application. So now is the time to make sure all of your childcare experiences, including possible IQ ones, are included. Especially if you think you may be interested in extending your time in the US!

5. Childcare Experience

Your Childcare experience section should be one of your main priorities, as this section will be most interesting and important for host families. If you put in the effort and time to write this section, this will definitely show!

Remember, if your childcare experience is ongoing, but you haven’t been updating your hours – this will mean your hours might not be accurate. Keep your childcare experience as up to date as possible.

6. Keep it current

Remember to keep ALL aspects if your application current, like your driving skills and swimming abilities.

7. Availability

We are continuing to monitor all current travel movements and bans, and are adjusting the flight dates accordingly. However, it also helps if you make sure your availability in the application is updated accordingly.

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