9 Things We Learned About Living Abroad, From The Show Emily In Paris

by Au Pair in America

Living abroad is exciting, daunting, life-changing, and sometimes magical! What can we learn about it before making the big move? Here’s what Netflix’s Emily in Paris taught us about living abroad!

  1. A new language might confuse you at first…but you’ll master it quickly!

2. Food tastes better in a different country. And the calories don’t count. Rules are rules!

3. You will make amazing new friends, for life. It can happen anywhere…even on your morning coffee run!

4. There’ll be plenty of opportunity to travel. Your new home is just waiting to be explored. Roadtrip anyone?

5. You’ll take photos of everything! And you will thank yourself later for capturing those memories.

6. Say hello to your genius! You’ll learn so many new skills and try out cool new hobbies – your CV will end up looking seriously HOT!

7. Host kids can be the sweetest! They’ll look up to you, and see you as a real role model. Take any chance to inspire them!

8. Life will feel like a movie. Especially when you see all those places you’ve only dreamed about, or seen on TV!

9. You’ll discover a lot about yourself…and become the person you were always meant to be!

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