Sophie |FALLing for the USA

by Tyra Wilson

Fall, the best season that I have experienced in America so far! There are just so many things to love about this season! Today I am going to talk about the top 5 things I love about fall in the USA:

1.     Pumpkin Patches

I went to my first ever pumpkin patch and I loved it! This is one of the fall activities I think everyone needs to do! There were so many different pumpkins and it was so cool to walk around the pumpkin patch and festival. But my favourite part was the food stalls. I loved the fresh apple cider and donuts. You can also get loads of cute pics to share with everyone!

2.     Pumpkin Carving

This is my second favourite activity and it is definitely way harder than it looks. One of my host kids had a socially distanced pumpkin carving get together with some of her friends and it was so cool to see all the different designs the kids came up with! I assumed it was so easy to carve pumpkins but it’s definitely an arm workout carving out the inside of the pumpkin!!! But they make cool decorations once they are done.

3.     Nature! The leaves changing colour makes for very pretty photos.

Fall is a very pretty season! All the leaves changing from green to bright oranges and reds is the coolest thing ever and with all the trees everywhere in Virginia it’s a beautiful view everywhere you go. If you live in the DMV area take a drive down the George Washington Memorial Parkway! It’s definitely the prettiest drive at this time of the year!

4.     Halloween/ Fall Decorating

My host family has put so many fall decorations out!! Fake spider webs on the fence, hay bales, pumpkins, corn and skeletons. Walking around the neighborhood on Halloween you could see all the different decorations. One house had a giant inflatable dragon that glowed red.

Halloween was on Saturday; it was so fun and exciting! We went to a Haunted Drive through which was so much fun. Then we went out to go trick or treating in our neighborhood. Everyone had different ways of handing out candy! Some people had bowls out, others made shoots to send the candy down! It was crazy to see how much candy we each got. For Halloween I dressed as Stich from Lilo and Stitch, it was very cold outside, so I picked the best costume and it was super cozy.

5.     Seasonal Fall food 

From apple cider to pumpkin spice this is another fall tradition! All the flavours are so much yummy and I have to say apple cider donuts are my favourite now. I also tried a Pumpkin Spice drink from Starbucks. It wasn’t the worst drink I have tried from them but it’s definitely not what I was expecting it to taste like.

I also made a Vlog of my trip to the pumpkin patch if you want to check that out!!

Sophie X ( Insta: @aupairsophie )

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