10 Fun, Child-Friendly Halloween Activities To Try

by Au Pair in America

Lets face it, Spooky Season is secretly our favorite. From dressing up in costumes, eating candy to arts and crafts…we basically get to be a kid again! What’s even better is that there are SO many awesome things you can do with your host kids to get into the Halloween festivities.

Here’s 10 fun activities you can with your host kids to keep them busy this season:

Pumpkin Carving/Painting

Pumpkin Carving is an absolute MUST for Halloween in America. You can go classic and simple, or get super arty and intricate. To take your pumpkins to the next level, get the paints out and let the fun (and mess) begin!

Tip: Why not get everybody involved, and do a pumpkin carving competition? πŸŽƒ

Leaf Hunting

Get outdoors and smell that fresh Autumn air 😍

Explore the different shapes and colors and sizes of the leaves in your nearest park, or even on your street! After you discover and collect the best leaves, bring everyone together and show each other what you’ve found. You can then take them home, and stick them to string to make cool wall decorations, or onto paper to make some cool art πŸ‚

Make Witch Potions and Troll Slime

Double Double, Toil and Trouble! Channel your inner witch this October and make some magic ‘potions’ with the kids. You can use food dye, aromatic herbs, flowers, seeds, fruit, and anything that your host family don’t mind you using. For extra fun, let the children mix baking soda and vinegar for magic bubbly result ✨

If slime is more their thing, make your own troll goo by combining two cups of cornflour with one cup of water in a bowl, and a little food dye. Just make sure you put down some old newspaper to avoid unwanted mess!

A Game of Pumpkin Bowling

This easy game is sure to be a total hit with the kids. All you need is some plastic bottles, and a small round pumpkin (or orange ball).

Paint the bottles a ghostly white, and draw some friendly ghost faces on them. When dried, roll the pumpkin into the ghost bottles to knock them down. STRIKE! 🎳

Icky Treasure Hunt

With spaghetti worms. Yes, Spaghetti worms 🍝

Get a large bowl of cooked and cooled down spaghetti pasta, and hide some little prizes in there. This can be wrapped candy, little Halloween toys or bouncy balls. Then all the children have to do, is dig for treasure!

Guess What’s in the Monster’s Mouth

A guessing game that can be played all year round!

Decorate a box to look like a monster. Create a hole big enough for a hand to fit through it. This will be its ‘mouth’. Put objects in their such as a spoon, a toy, a fruit or vegetable, anything to get them guessingπŸ’­

DIY Ghosts Characters

Make some GHOUL-some ghosts with the kids for a fun little arts and crafts activities. Get lots of cotton wool balls, ghost-shaped white card, PVA glue, some googly eyes or colored card to make shapes for the face. The children can then stick the cotton balls to the card to make the body, and then any face features made out of card to follow.

If you make a hole on the top and put some string through, you got yourself a new Halloween decoration. Oh yeah!!! 😎

Play Toilet Paper Mummies

Pass out a few rolls of toilet paper to the kids and and see how fast they can wrap each other up like mummies. A great game, and an even better last-minute costume πŸ‘Œ

Apple Bobbing

A classic American party game for this time of year, yet never stops being fun.

Tub. Water. Apples. Need we say more? 🍎

Halloween Party!

Planning a kids party is always fun – the endless decorating, the baking, the games planning. It’s a chance to get super creative whilst getting a huge throw-back to your childhood. Spook-tacular!πŸ‘»

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