Where Are They Now // Andrielli’s Story

by Au Pair in America

We first met Andrielli on a grey day back in October 2017 and it didn’t take long for us to realize that she was born to be an au pair! Andrielli spent 2 years with the Ives Family in Illinois. Here’s a lovely insight into Andrielli’s time with the Ives Family… be prepared for some serious cuteness! 


Cute right? It’s been just over a year since we had the pleasure of filming Andrielli and her wonderful host family. We thought it was about time we got in touch to see what Andrielli has been up to since her Au Pair in America experience ended. So sit back, get ready for even MORE cuteness and enjoy this lovely new installment of our Where Are They Now campaign. This is Andrielli’s story. 💕 


Hi Everyone, my name is Andrielli and I was an au pair for 2 years with an amazing family in Illinois. To take part in the Au Pair program was a very big challenge for me, to leave my home, to leave my family, my job and my country to live in a totally different place from which I was accustomed to. It sometimes made me feel scared, but I never let it discourage me and or prevent me from embarking on this adventure to realize my dreams.

Andrielli and the ives family

The Ives Family 😍



Getting to know the Ives family was the best experience I’ve ever had and living with them was the best thing in the world. They opened the doors of their home to me. As there is a lot of love in this family, they also opened the doors of their hearts to love me, take care of me and treat me as part of the family.

As I said to them on my last day, I do not have Ives in my name and I do not have Ives in my blood, but I will always have Ives in my heart.

Andrielli and host kid

Simply the best

My host family is the best, they are amazing and living with them gave me the opportunity to explore the USA. I traveled to many different States and also new countries. I also had the privilege of being able to travel with my host family on their family vacations.







Andrielli and host kids

My host kids


My host kids, Caleb (4) Dylan (3) and Addie (1) are my life! I could not have wished for better children than them. I miss them SO much and every day that passes, my longing to see them again grows. One of the moments I miss the most is singing in the car with them whilst I drove. I love my boys and my little girl. I thank God for giving me a great family! My relationship with them didn’t end when I stopped being their au pair. I am still in touch with them and every two weeks or so we talk or FaceTime. This massively helps soften the pain of not being able to see them every day anymore.




I really got to know and explore the state in which I lived. I ended up extending and staying with my host family for 2 years. Some au pairs want to experience a new state in their extension year. For me, changing families was never something I considered. Illinois became my home, of course at the beginning it was all very new, and I didn’t really know the area well. But over time I met great friends who made such a difference in my life. I made friendships in college, in church and those friendships will stay with me forever.

Andrielli and friends



One of the highlights of my au pair year was going on a Route 66 road trip with my girlfriends. We drove for 30 hours, stopping at all the tourist spots along the way. It was certainly the best adventure I have ever experience in my life and I keep all the memories from this trip in my heart.

Andrielli and friends


Today I am back in Brazil, my home country. I can see how much the experience and accomplishment of the Au Pair in America program has brought to my life and to my profession. I’m now working with families and young children as a nurse. The life and culture of the USA widened my mind and made me realise that being an au pair was the best choice I could have made. It made me stronger and more determined to face any challenge that life presents me.

I will be eternally grateful to God for letting me live this extraordinary experience and for giving me the most special second family in the USA. 

Andrielli and baby


If you are thinking about becoming an au pair, my advice is go for it! Of course, you will face difficult days, you will feel tired and will have days when you feel homesick. But keep your focus on the positives, lean on those around you and move on. Each person has a different experience, but it is worth every sacrifice because there is nothing better than at the end of the day, when you get an ‘I love you’ from your host kid and a thank you from your host family. ❤️


We’re not crying, you’re crying!! 😭💓

If Andrielli’s story has given you ALL the feels and you’re feeling like maybe this au pair thing is for you, then head over to our website and find out how you could become an Au Pair in America today!! 

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