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Want to go further and make the most of your time as an au pair? Take a road trip! But if you have no idea where don’t worry – the experts at TrekAmerica are here to help…

Where to go?

The USA is pretty huge, so working out where you want to go can be quite the headache. We totally have the solution though – TrekAmerica offer tried and tested itineraries, with a variety of lengths and budget options.

Plus, they’ll be able to show you those super special experiences that’ll make everyone back home mega jealous. Sure, you can look out over the Grand Canyon – but why not take a helicopter ride right over the rim for a once in a lifetime experience? On your TrekAmerica tour, expert home-grown leaders will show you the big sights and unique experiences that’ll make this a trip to remember.


Pretty much a road trip essential! Hiring a car can be pricey (or impossible, if you don’t drive!) and buses and trains are full of logistical nightmares. Plus, road tripping solo means you have no one to chat to. When you join a TrekAmerica group tour, the transport is taken care of and you’ll be with other travelers on the tour. So you can simply sit back and relax in the van while getting to know up to 12 new best friends!


Even when you’re hitting budget hotels and motels, costs can add up. On a TrekAmerica tour, all of this is taken care of for you. TrekAmerica offer three types of tour accommodation, designed to fit your budget and travel style.

Their Original Camping tours mean nights under canvas amongst beautiful national parks at well-equipped, welcoming sites. Budget Lodging tours offer the best in affordable accommodation, from hostels and hotels to classic motels and unique properties. And if you like your creature comforts, you could opt for a hotel-based Plus tour. On all tours, there are mandatory single supplements – solo travelers will be matched with a sharer of the same sex.

Day-to-day Budgeting

Once you’ve got travel and accommodation sorted, it’s time to think about your day to day spends. Take into consideration:

  • Food and drink – see below!
  • Tips – you’ll probably know this well after your time at as an au pair, but tipping is expected for pretty much all services in the States
  • Activity/entrance fees
  • Souvenirs and treats
  • Your contingency fund – we advise adding on around 10% of your budgeted total day-to-day spending, just in case of emergency – or just finding yourself in a spontaneous mood!

Food and Drink

Because America’s all about those tasty eats, this one gets its own section. Budgeting for food and drink can be tricky, as planning out exactly where you want to eat every day takes all the spontaneity out of your adventure. But on a TrekAmerica camping-based tour, there’s a daily ‘food kitty’ to help keep costs down. At the beginning of your tour, you pay $10 per day to your tour leader, to cover all meals when camping. Easy!

For budget lodging and hotel nights, you’ll be looking after the majority of your own meals – although your tour leader will definitely have some great suggestions. Costs will vary depending on your tastes and bargain hunting skills – we recommend you budget an average of US$50 per day to cover meals, snacks, drinks, tips and general spending.

TrekAmerica runs small group road trips in North, South and Central America and Canada. If you’ve got any questions about their trips, they’re always happy to help you get on the road!

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