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by Au Pair in America

Introducing Au Pair in America blogger Vanessa! Four months ago Vanessa packed her bags, said goodbye to her family in Germany and jumped on a plane to start her new adventure… being an au pair in Washington D.C. In her first post she’s telling us all about life in D.C. and why her experience so far has been so special!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Vanessa, I’m 20 years old and from Germany. The decision to leave my family and friends back home to become an Au Pair in America was the hardest but best step in my life so far. I don’t have any regrets about this decision and I am very excited for the next few months that I have left in the States. Becoming an au pair not only means taking care of children but also growing up and learning to be independent, while exploring the world! This au pair year has already changed me in many different ways and you will learn more about yourself and what you are actually capable of everyday.

Four months ago, I left my family and friends in Germany to become an Au Pair in America. I basically left my whole life behind me to start my new life 3000 miles away, in a new country, with a new family, which I am now proud to call my second home. My host family lives in Maryland, only 10 minutes from Washington D.C and I take care of two wonderful girls aged 5 and 6. In the last few months these girls have become like sisters to me and they already have a very special place in my heart.

Being an au pair can be hard at times, as you are constantly confronted with new situations. Most of us are quite young, just graduated from school and have never experienced anything like this before. It’s a big responsibility looking after these children, which can sometimes leave you feeling a little overwhelmed but these challenges make the whole au pair experience so much more worthwhile. And you know what? Every au pair needs to settle in and it is okay to even experience a little bit of a “culture shock” at first. Just know that you will be ok and be sure to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience! Even if you miss your friends and family sometimes, I can promise that you will also experience and laugh more than ever. This year is probably the most exciting year of our lives and you get to make so many friends and experiences along the way.

I’ve already met so many people and I found my two best friends here, Nele and Franzi. We do almost everything together. One of my favourite experiences with these girls was when we flew to Boston over the Columbus Day Weekend. We left early Saturday morning and after we landed, we walked around Boston Common for a while. We checked out Harvard where we saw Maliah Obama! Afterwards we had dinner at the cutest little restaurant on Newbury Street. The next day, we had the most delicious French toast at the Quincy Market and visited the National Harbour, the public library and waited in line for the famous ‘Mikes Pastry’…. It was totally worth the wait! We enjoyed our pastries at the waterfront with the breath-taking view of the Boston Skyline, it was just perfect! Boston is definitely a must see for all au pairs!

I’ve also been lucky enough to travel with my host family to some beautiful parts of the USA! During my second week here, we packed up the car and headed to South Carolina. We stayed at a beach house for a week and my host parents’ family and their former au pair joined us for a few days too, which was really nice and made me feel so welcome and part of the family already.

Living close to Washington D.C is so much fun! I’ve explored D.C. numerous times because what else should you do if you live only 10 minutes away from the capital of the United States? Being in front of the Washington monument or the Capitol is absolutely amazing and it gives me that “American Dream-feeling” every time I go there.

But it’s not just all the trips that make this year unforgettable, it’s the little things like having coffee at Starbucks, having a girls’ night at a friend’s house watching High School Musical or just spending time with your friends and your host family. These are the moments which make this experience so special and I can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead for me.

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