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New blogger alert! We’re beyond excited to finally introduce to you: Minna, our first ever Swedish Au Pair in America blogger. Minna will be heading to the states in July of this year – so you will be able to follow her journey from day one, including her last final weeks back home in Sweden. Ready or not – here she comes!


I’m so excited to be sharing this with you, but let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Minna, I’m nineteen years old and I currently live in Sweden. I’m one of those people that can’t function without coffee, loves food way too much, always brings their camera along and loves to travel. And, oh gosh, can somebody please pinch me, soon I’ll be moving to Boston! I’m both nervous and thrilled, but lucky for me I have quite a lot of stuff to do before my departure, so that’ll keep me occupied
for sure.


But let me take it from the start. I started my application process in December and after having done some research on other au pair sponsors, I decided that Au Pair in America was the one for me.

It took about a month to get my application done and approved, so I entered the matching process on January 11th. I remember being so psyched about it, I couldn’t sleep! ‘Finally’, I remember thinking. Finally I would get to experience this roller coaster of a journey. And oh boy, was it a roller coaster…


I spoke to a total of thirteen families in the seven weeks that I was in the process of finding the family that I thought would be the best fit for me. I remember that the agency told me to Skype with every family, so that’s what I did. Of all the thirteen families, I think that I Skyped with nine or ten of them? Towards the end, it became somewhat difficult to keep some of them apart, since there were times when I Skyped two different families on the same day. But fortunately, I had a notebook, in which I took some notes on the most important things from each ‘interview’. That way, I could finally keep them apart, haha.

In the end, I had to decide between two families. Both lived in Boston, both families seemed just as nice as the other one, and I suspected that I would’ve enjoyed my year in either one of these families.


But eventually, I made a decision, host family #12, and I couldn’t have chosen a better one! Everyone seems so sweet and nice and caring, I can’t wait to meet them in July! So the family consists of six members; a mum and a dad, their three children (two boys who are 6 and 5 y/o and a little girl who’s 2), and their six year old dog!


My schedule is pretty straight forward, I think. Most days, I’ll start my day at 7 am, and my main focus is going to be taking care of little two year old K while the older boys are in school. Most days, I’ll be ‘off’ from 4 pm on.


There is so much that I want to do! I want to explore Boston and visit New York City, I would like to go to Seattle (mainly because of Grey’s Anatomy) and visit my friend who’s in Chicago. I would very much like to visit the Grand Canyon as well as Disney World and Warner Bros Studios, and of course I want to travel to Hawaii! So much to see, so little time…

But the thing I’m most looking forward to is, of course, meeting and getting know my host family. And it is right here on this blog that I’m going to be sharing my journey, so strap yourselves in! I sure as hell am, haha.

Only 62 days left!

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