Jessika | New Experiences, New Paths and New Discoveries

by Au Pair in America

 “Life is made of choices, attempts, possibilities and new opportunities…”

winter wonderland

Visiting Winter Wonderland!

Hi Everyone!

I’m back to tell you about my fourth month as an Au Pair in the United States. The months are passing by SO fast and I’m experiencing so many new moments that I would not have the chance to experience if I had not joined the Au Pair in America program. After spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with my host family, I decided it was time to get out of my comfort zone a little further and I went on my first solo trip!


My first trip was to Washington DC, and yes, I went alone! Keep in mind that your friends might not always be free to explore with you, if they can’t come with you simply pack your bags and go! That was my best decision. I planned to spend four days in DC and in the end, I went to see two neighbouring states: Maryland and Virginia. I shared a room in a hostel with thirteen other people, I made new friends and I had fun like never before.

Washington DC

DC baby!!

I tried to see as much as possible whilst I was in DC and managed to see The White House, The Capitol, The Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, The Pentagon and several more cool sights! In Maryland, I headed to The National Harbor Boulevard. The best thing about my whole trip was visiting my favourite writer Edgar Allan Poe’s house in Baltimore, I was so excited!! In Virginia, I visited an amazing restaurant and ate the tastiest Mexican food. I passed by the Winter Wonderland and was mesmerized by the miles and miles of beautiful Christmas lights. ✨✨


The new experiences kept coming when I returned from the trip! Some of my most unforgettable moments in the last month were;

  • Meeting the actors from my favourite TV series!!
  • Making my first ever snowman!
  • Going ice skating for the first time

Walker Stalker


So many of my friends back home told me how brave I was leaving my home country for one year and leaving my comfort zone. They all wanted to know how it felt once I’d arrived in the United States. I’ll admit, I felt a little lost at first but over time I’ve found my feet, found my confidence and found a new home. When I stop and reflect on everything that has happened in my life up until this moment, I find myself thinking about this quote,

“Life is made of choices and possibilities. When you step forward, inevitably something is left behind.”


Exploring Baltimore!

This is what happens when we choose to follow a new path that we think is best for us. It does not mean that the things or people we “leave” behind will be forgotten. On the other hand, they will be remembered with so much affection and we know that they will always be there when we return.

I am very grateful for everything I am experiencing here in the USA. All these experiences are shaping me and helping me to grow as a person.

new snowman

My first snowman! 😊

If for some reason you still aren’t sure if Au Pair in America is something you should experience, I say for sure you may be missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do not be afraid to follow what you think is right.

See you next month! 👋

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