by Tyra Wilson

Au pair Roni from Israel reached out to Au Pair in America because she wanted to celebrate 6 months of being with her host family in Nevada. Check out what she had to say about her au pair experience so far in the United States, and how much she’s enjoyed being part of their family!

How many people are in your host family? Tell us a little bit about them.

I work with one baby boy named Levi. He is 13 months and I love him so much. I never thought nine hours with a baby can fly so fast. When you’ll see his smile you will understand.

My host parents are Ryan and Jessica. They are the kindest people I know, it’s hard to explain but I will try with examples from this past six months.

What do you love about being with your host family?

I came to to Vegas after two and half months in NJ. I was afraid, with prejudice opinions about the program and how comfortable you can really feel in someone else’s home.

First week they asked my how I feel and we all eat dinner together. It sounds obvious, but for many au pairs we know it is not. From that point they kept surprising me and teach me about life.

What is something your host family has taught you?

Everyone told me I’m going to learn about myself in America, I had no idea how much!

Every time we talk about the news, they make sure to tell me about other opinions, too. When I asked about cultures, we talk for hours over the dinner table. Every question becomes a learning opportunity.

When it was time to decide what I’m going to learn in class, they gave me the confidence and support I needed to strive to achieve the dream I never dared to dream. They have read every assignment I write and answer question I have.

I learned so much from them (and still learning); The difference between nice and kind. That the American culture is so diverse but everyone shares a sense of gratitude. I learned that I deserve the best. In every holiday I want to celebrate they happily get on board, we celebrated together every American and Israeli holiday.

What has been your favorite memory with your host family?

A couple of my favorite moments with my host family are:

  • One day Jessica hugged me and said, “I know how it feels to live in a different country, sometimes you just need a hug.”
  • While planning their schedule, Ryan asked me something and said, “You are a priority in this family.”
  • They encouraged me to go meet new people, helped me choose clothes (Levi always points at the best outfits) and listen to every story when I get back.
  • On my birthday, they made a Zoom party with my family and friends from Israel. I still can’t believe they reached out to so many people!

I feel very lucky to be here. Even during Covid I’m confident I made the wisest choice in coming here. I get to learn, travel and work while having a place I’m happy to be a part of.

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