BARBORA | Overcoming Homesickness

by Au Pair in America

It’s so easy, but it just doesn’t look like it. Firstly you need to say to yourself “IT’S JUST A YEAR”. Time flies so fast and believe it or not, a year in the US is almost nothing.

Try not to worry that you’re not gonna have friends here or whatever else might worry you. It’s your year! Focus on yourself and enjoy every second of it. I would never regret my decision to travel to US as an au pair.  It’s a big challenge for all of us. Everyone was scared before arriving here. But you don’t have to be worried. You’re gonna spend an amazing year in the US, meet new cultures, live with an American family and make new friends.

Finding Friends

That’s also very important – find friends here! Our LCCs usually post names of girls and contact to them who are arriving every month. So for example my current best friend lives in a same town as me and we know each other only because of her. She simply texted me. Easy right? She also introduced me to other girls and now we have like our group of friends and we meet each other every week! If nobody texts you, you can also try making friends at cluster meetings, or via interacting on the Official Au Pair in America Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Keeping Busy

Then, find yourself an activity that you love and don’t spend time just alone at your house! If you used to dance you can take some dance classes nearby. Do you play piano? Take some piano classes as well. You have so many options. For example I bought myself fitness membership! It’s very good to have some hobby, when you are tired of being just at home and watching Netflix (best activity ever right?) this is always a good idea. What really helps me to not being homesick is travelling. I plan a lot of trips that I’m not gonna be bored or homesick at all. Because I’m excited for that and it’s just so nice that you can say “In 2 weeks I’m gonna be in the Bahamas” ☀️

Positive Perspectives

Being homesick can sometimes lead to spending more time in the house. When I feel myself doing this, I tell myself that I shouldn’t waste my time feeling this way, when I have an amazing opportunity to live in a foreign country and improve my skills, and it helps me put things in perspective.  However, I know that sometimes, this is easier for some people than others!

So if you wanna get rid of that awful feeling that you miss your family and friends, go out and have some coffee, go for a walk, just get out of the house! 🌳

I wasn’t homesick at all. I’m used to living far away from my home, so this experience wasn’t a big deal and big difference for me. But I understand that this isn’t the case for many others, and I receive lots of messages from au pairs that miss their family, friends, boyfriends, dogs and cats. I get it, as I also have these. I have a family, friends and boyfriend, but I try not to let that stop me from living my dream to the fullest. It’s about you. At the end of your year you’re gonna be so proud of yourself that you’ve made it and that you’re a stronger person. 😊

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Xoxo Barbora 

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