Au Pair Buddy of the Month | Bianca & Jennifer

by Au Pair in America


“Jennifer and I have been friends for 10 months now. She is one of the nicest and smartest people I’ve ever met! So generous and altruistic! If she can help you with something, she will do it, without hesitation!

She’s the kind of person that you want in your life. She’s been an au pair for two years now, and when I arrived and we met, I was just a little bird far from home.

She is that kind of person that you call when you are struggling and you just need someone telling you: “Everything is gonna be alright, now let’s plan our next trip.”

We’ve traveled a lot together. We’ve shared joy and sorrow, pleasure and hunger – just like family. In fact, we are currently planning our next trip together! I’m just glad that I met such a great friend like her.”


My name is Jennifer – I’m 24 years old and I’m from Italy.

Bianca and I met through social media, while we were both looking for travel buddies for our next adventure. We met only a few months after she arrived in Atlanta, so she was still fairly new to the au pair life, while I was getting ready to finishing up my first year in DC and starting my extension.

Unfortunately, we never got to go on that trip we originally talked about together, because life happened! But since that first text, we never stopped talking! She’s like that boyfriend you text when something random happens and you need to tell someone! 😂

She’s just a bundle of positive energy; always with a smile on her face, so caring a thoughtful. She has a lot of values she stands for, and is not scared to fight for the truth! That’s probably what I admire the most about her. She’s also that one friend who drops everything and calls you right away to cheer you up if you mention anything sad while texting…

One time, she sent me a letter because I was going through a rough time, and she knew how much I love receiving mail. Every word was just what I needed to hear. Who does that these days?!

Through good and bad, she has always been there and I’m so happy to call her my friend. Even though we didn’t go to Canada together, we still got to share many memories and trips together. And I can honestly say that the trips I’ve shared with Bianca are definitely some of the dearest experiences I keep close to my heart. Filled with laughter and silly moments, as well as a lot of walking around and getting lost in new places.

She went back to Italy at the end of her fist year, and being in different time zones is not ideal, but that doesn’t stop our friendship! I’m also not too sad, as we are already planning our next trip for when I’ll go back! Greece awaits! I would have never thought I would make a friend for life. 💕

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