Steph | What’s So Great About Fall

by Au Pair in America

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate fall. What is so damn great about fall? Umm, hello.. EVERYTHING. Fall is probably my favourite season over here. Closely followed by spring, because it’s the end of the snow! Winter gets old real quick with all the slush and coldness, but fall has the best of both worlds. Warmth AND those slight chills.

H E L L O F A L L 🍂


Fall introduces you to the wonder that is ‘pumpkin spice’ and everything pumpkin… Oh my goodness. One word. Delicious!! And for all of you that have ever been to America during fall and pumpkin season, you will understand the craze that is ‘the pumpkin’. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin cake, pumpkin everything. I don’t even like pumpkin! However, pumpkin spice products are the reason I have no money and my jeans aren’t getting looser.  It still fascinates me that you can’t just buy pumpkin all-year-round here. Supermarkets don’t sell them. They are a seasonal food, so that’s why everyone goes a tad cray and embraces the good ole pumpkin.

And when I say pumpkin everything, we mean pumpkin EVERYTHING!


Fall introduces the season of cute fashion and oversized hoodies. Calling all you boot, jacket, scarf, beanie and cardigan lovers. Bring on the suitcase filling fashion items. I loooove me a cute jacket and boots. All you need to do is look at my closet and you will soon be able to tell what my favourite season is without me even posting this blog. So many outfit choices! And who doesn’t love a good oversized hoodie to chill in with a pair of trackies? Fall is the perfect season to whip those out.


Fall introduces camp fires and s’mores in the cool nights. I mean, you can do a campfire at any time of year. However, there is something so special about them in fall. Sitting outside in the crisp air, heated only by the clothes you’re wearing and the fire in front of you with the smell of woodfires burning in the air. Annnnddd: Roasting marshmallows. Yes please! Top that off with some chocolate and graham crackers, you have yourself a s’more.


Fall introduces leaf changes and cute decorations. Americans LOVE to decorate. Christmas, Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving or 4th of July. No matter the holiday or season, you can be sure to witness some of the best decorating known to man-kind. Que the shades of orange, yellow, red and brown. Not only are the decorations on point, but so is nature. The tree colour changes are one of the most beautiful things in existence.

Fall-themed DIY projects – here we come!


Fall introduces American football. Anyone who knows an American, knows of their love of sport. Similar to us Aussies with our love of NRL, AFL or cricket, football is the THE sport over here. Nothing is more American than a football party with friends, food and sport. Although if you have an American boyfriend, don’t expect to see him on Sunday afternoons anymore. He will be #MIA for sure.


Fall introduces the new seasons of TV shows. Yeaazzzz! We all love our American TV shows and most of the season premiers are in fall. What’s not to love about that. Enough said. Goodbye social life, and hello TV!


Fall introduces the best holidays ever! Hello Halloween and Thanksgiving. Food upon food upon food. Did I mention food? Oh my goodness. Thanksgiving is like my second favourite holiday (Christmas is my first), mainly because of the food. I also love what Thanksgiving represents. It is always nice to sit down and just be thankful for what we have in life with those closest to us. Which is usually your host family. Then there is Halloween. Bring on the candy, costumes, Halloween parties and trick-or-treating.

If you’ve never carved a pumpkin before, here’s a pro tip for you: The secret to success are stencils!


Fall introduces the first snow fall… If you’re lucky. And what is not to love about snow?… When you’re inside, or not driving, or at an airport, or need to do stuff outside. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE snow, but yes it can be inconvenient. When I lived in Chicago, we received the first snow fall of the season on Halloween; which made Halloween even more special.

The first snow of the year always has something magical to it ✨


Fall introduces pumpkin farms and pumpkin carving. Pumpkins farms are like one of my favourite things ever. It sounds boring, because why would a pumpkin farm be fun? But seriously, it is. They usually have a bunch of different activities to do, and it’s a great day out with your community cluster, host family or friends. It is a must for every au pair. At least to experience once. If you’re making a bucket list of things to do, add this one on. The food is also to die for. They usually have a hay or corn maze, hay bail rides, farm animals and other cute things. Then you get to choose your pumpkin that you want to carve. Pumpkin carving is an art; however, another must do for every au pair. You can buy stencils or even print them off the internet. They all work the same. Its super fun and will be one of your most cherished American memories.

Janoski’s! 🎃♥️

As you can tell, I love fall. And you should too. Because fall in America is like 1,000 times better than autumn back home. Let’s be real, we really don’t have proper seasons in Australia, nor do we go all out with decorating and get in the fall spirit. But get excited, because fall is the best! And there is so much to do and look forward to…

Fall truly is the best season of them all.

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