Our top tips to make your application stand out to host families!


So, you’ve completed your application and now you’re waiting to match with the perfect host family. Feeling nervous? Worrying that you won’t find a host family?

Well fear not, read our top tips below to help you improve your application and find a great host family more quickly!

  • Upload a video – a great way to bring your application to life!  Host families love seeing their potential au pair on film and this will give them some insight into your personality, English abilities and home life.
  • Keep contact info up to date and respond to all emails, phone calls and messages quickly – if a host family gives you a time and date for a phone call, be ready and waiting by your phone!
  • Make sure family members are aware that host families might call – if your family members cannot speak English, you should prepare a short script so they can tell American families (in English) when they should call again.
  • Update your application – have you gained more childcare experience since you applied?  Do you drive more frequently?  Have you practiced your English more frequently or taken up any new hobbies? If so, update your application and let us know!
  • Be willing to care for children of all ages and for more than one child.
  • Be willing to be placed anywhere in the USA –  you’ll so many opportunities to travel around the USA and tick locations off your US bucket list. Make sure you chose your host family because they are the right family for you not because of where they live.
  • Inform us of any changes in your availability / holiday dates.
  • Be prepared to speak to an American host family – read “When a Family Calls” and practice your English conversation skills as much as possible.
  • Be friendly, enthusiastic and polite when a host family calls and most importantly be yourself!


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