by Au Pair in America


I wanted to tell you about my best friend Marie. We are both from Germany but from the other sides of the country. What you need to know is that, here in the USA, I live in New Jersey and Marie lives in Pennsylvania – but we still made it work to become best friends!

Marie and I met on the bus ride from the Orientation hotel to the airport and talked the whole way. She was actually hoping to sit alone for the whole bus ride, but then I asked if I could sit next to her (even though the whole bus was still empty).

We lost touch for the first few weeks after that. But when I texted her how everything was going one day, she asked me if I wanted to join in on a day in Manhattan. That’s when we became inseparable. Sadly, we live a little bit over an hour away from each other. But we make it work by spending our days off together, traveling together and FaceTiming a lot in the evening.

Distance doesn’t matter if you’ve found the right person, and I feel like I have known her for years already, and not just for 7 months.

Marie is someone I would have never expected to meet here in the US. We clicked instantly, we can talk about everything and can be our true silly selves around each other – with the other one joining in rather than questioning the weirdness. I love how she can turn a bad day into a good one, and how she understands me 100% – like we’ve known each other since kindergarten.

We’ve already taken a bunch of trips together, and I cannot wait to spend my travel month together with her; because when you’ve found someone who you can have around you 24/7 without getting bored or annoyed, you don’t ever want to miss this person in your life anymore. That’s why I don’t mind driving an hour back and forth every week just to see her! ❤️


… I laughed a lot when I heard that Anna-Michelle had nominated the two of us. Anna-Michelle is a 100% right. I did not expect to find a friend like her, especially not on the bus to Newark!

She just walked in with a whole lot of flowers. The bus was still empty, but she insisted on sitting next to me. At first I wasn’t pleased, because I wanted to be by myself after three exhausting orientation days filled with so many special and exciting moments.

But it turned out that once we started, we couldn’t stop talking… and that is still the case to this day!

We are in contact 24/7, have traveled to a different place almost once a month so far – my favorite trips were Puerto Rico, Austin and DC – and even though we are not living too close to each other, we still manage to meet up on a regular basis. It’s worth the one hour drive to hers, because I
always know that we’ll have so much fun together!

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