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Ah… America! If you’re thinking of travelling after or during your year as an au pair, great choice! America has so much to offer. Our friends over at TrekAmerica know a thing or two about the best places to visit in America – they’ve been taking people on road trips since 1972! Below you’ll find a list of some of their favourite destinations in the States. Are there any others you’d add to your bucket list?


The Big Apple. The city that never sleeps. NYC. If you’re looking for excitement and a never-ending buzz, then New York City is the place for you. For some of the best views, visit the Empire State building (the view from the top is insane!), meander around Central Park and see the skyscrapers peeking over the trees, and visit the Statue of Liberty (best view from the Hudson River). For a less touristy vibe, head over the river and explore Brooklyn.

New York City Skyline TrekAmerica East Coast Tour

Discover New York on the Cities, Sights and Craft Beers Delights – East tour:


The laid-back city is as cool as the movie stars living there. With palm tree lined roads and stunning beaches, LA offers something for all types of traveller. Take a stroll down Rodeo Drive, go celeb spotting on Sunset Boulevard, or even take a surfing lesson in Malibu and ride waves with the pros! For the best views, hike up into the Hollywood hills and catch a glimpse of the world-famous sign.

LA TrekAmerica Westerner BLT tour

Chill in LA on the Westerner BLT from Los Angeles:


For anyone travelling to San Fran, the bridge is a definite must see! Take a stroll or cycle this mammoth structure, or for the ultimate view – observe from the water on a sunset cruise and enjoy endless views over the Pacific. For the perfect Insta pic, head to Presidio where you’ll find some epic viewpoints.

Golden Gate Bridge TrekAmerica Western Wonder tour

Say hello to the Golden Gate Bridge on the Western Wonder tour from San Francisco:


No trip to the West would be complete without a visit to the grandest of all the canyons! There are few places that can beat it in size, scale and general beauty. Hike along one of the hundreds of trails through the canyon for world-class views. Some of our favourite trails include the Bright Angel Trail or the South Kaibab Trail. For something extra special, take a helicopter ride over the canyon!

Grand Canyon TrekAmerica Southern Sun Tour

Southern Sun from New York:


Been wondering where the old Wild West you always see in the movies is? Chances are its Monument Valley you’re thinking of. These sandstone ‘monuments’ stick out of the Colorado Valley and create an ‘out of this world’ landscape. The valley is made for exploring, to get out there on horseback like a true cowboy or take a 4×4 tour around the valley with a Navajo guide!

Discover Monument Valley with TrekAmerica

Westerner 3:


Yosemite is an activity lover’s paradise. Head along the trails in natures very own backyard and you’ll discover massive granite cliffs that rival New York skyscrapers in height and thundering waterfalls that you can’t hear yourself think over. Home to the world famous El Capitan rock face, Yosemite is known for its rock climbing and hiking, so get out and about and maybe follow in the footsteps of famous climbers and try it yourself!

Yosemite National Park West Tours

Pacific Coast:


Down in the Deep South, time moves a little slower. As the birthplace of countless music stars, Nashville is flooded with awesome country (and not-so-country) bars strumming out live music throughout the day and well into the night.

Nashville bar  Deep South and Festival Sounds tour

Have a toe-tapping good time in Nashville and the Deep South on the Deep South and Festival Sounds tour:


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