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Teresa’s first month as an au pair in New York has completely flown by and she’s totally adjusted to au pair life already … sweatpants, messy hair and carrying around a Batman lunchbox! She’s back with all the details on how her first month as an au pair has been.


I was at the playground, when I looked on my phone to see what time it was and then, it hit me – it’s the 21st of September. Exactly one month ago, I arrived in the US. I couldn’t believe it. The first month went by so quickly, but still it feels like, I have been here for a long time. So much has happened already, the weekdays have been an exciting but exhausting learning process and the weekends have been adventurous. Now I am here on the playground, a Batman Lunchbox in my hand, messy hair and sweatpants on, living the au pair life and I am as happy as can be.

Let’s start at the beginning – Orientation. A wonderful hotel, kind and supportive Au Pair in America staff and 200 girls from all over with one thing in common. Sounds great, right? It is great! Even though it was pretty stressful and being jet lagged doesn’t help at all but these three days helped me a lot with transitioning and mentally preparing for my new role and making new friends. The best part of it, was definitely the New York City tour. Looking at all these beautiful buildings, fancy people and crowded places, having a big smile on my face, thinking, this is my new home. Oh my god, this is my new home!!!

Okay, so that wasn’t quite accurate … Westchester County is my new home. I don’t live on the Upper East Side, not even the Upper West Side. I live in a very “American” looking house in a very stereotypical looking neighborhood. Suburbs have the best of everything – a lot of families, parks, but still it just takes you a relatively short train ride to the big, exciting city.

My first week after Orientation, I spent in… Massachusetts. Surprised? Well, I was too. My host kid’s Grandparents rented a wonderful lake house, where I spent the week with them and the kids, while my host parents were busy moving. So, my first month was slightly crazy. The kids were sick, the new house not yet unpacked and then a new school year started and my older host boys had to go to a new school. Everybody was nervous and unsure how the mixture of all these things would work out but I can tell you, it worked out well. Moving with your host family is tough. Moving in general is tough, but if you have to move, don’t be afraid. It is a nice way to build up a special bond with the kids, when you get to explore the new neighborhood together, unpack the toys and make some amazing crafts out of huge boxes, like an airplane or (my favorite) a slide down the stairway.

Now, we are three weeks after the move, almost everything is finished and the new house has already become a home for me. This is largely because my host parents are the most loving and understanding people I’ve ever met. They welcomed me with open arms, are always happy to hang out and chat with me. My relationship with the kids is great too. Kids aren’t easy at times, that’s obvious, but all in all I do think they both really like me and we’re developing such a great relationship.

So, now about my “Big Apple Life” – I have been to the city 5 times, including the New York Tour and I have already seen so much, but so little of it. I’ve been shopping in Times Square several times already, I had fun on the swings in Central Park, enjoyed the wonderful songs in the Broadway musical The Waitress, walked through SOHO, Greenwich Village and over the Brooklyn Bridge (here is a quick tip: From the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s just a 10-minute walk to the World Trade Center), I was blown away by all these amazing paintings in the MoMA and had the most amazing hot dog. It might sounds like it is a lot, but considering how massive that city is – I have seen just a tiny bit of it. And I can’t wait to explore more!

One month done, 11 months to go and I went back to the car, the Batman Lunchbox in one hand, a little boys hand in my other, up for new adventures that await me.

Xoxo Teresa

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