Nerea | Martyna Was America

by Tyra Wilson

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Au Pair friends really are the best friends. And there’s no finer example of that than, Nerea and Martyna. Let’s set the scene: Nerea is at the airport, just about to fly home after her au pair year and JUST after she’s said goodbye to her au pair bestie, Martyna. Advance warning, you will 100% need tissues to read this!


How do you start to write a letter you never thought you would be writing?

Martyna was America. Well, that’s not a good start because she is America. Just not for me anymore. Martyna was life, laugh, adventure. She was 360º. She is. She still is. She will always be. But is hard for me to imagine a life four thousand miles away from her.


My name is Nerea, and if you don’t know about Martyna, well, then you are missing something in life. As I was saying, my name is Nerea, and I’m writing unusual things, from an unusual place, with an unusual feeling in my heart. I’m writing about feelings I didn’t know I had, placed in a side of my heart I didn’t know that was throbbing, sitting down in the waiting room of an airport I hadn’t been before.

Martyna, my best friend, my soul mate, my life/traveler partner for the last year, just dropped me off at Ronal Regan Airport from where I will be flying shortly to Spain, the country I was born but that I can’t call home anymore. And some days ago I mentioned that I’m not a big fan of saying good bye so she didn’t say it. And, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it, but it also hurts so hard, so inside of me.

Martyna and Nerea


Martyna, you were home. Thanks for making America a comfy getaway for me. Thanks for making soup for me when I was feeling sick. Thanks for being the first one to say yes to my crazy ideas. Thanks for baking me cakes. For making me feel home on my birthday. For bringing me to my favorite city when I was feeling down. For making me shine. For bringing the best out of me.

Lincoln memorial has never seen better sunrises that the ones we were there.

And I could explain a million reasons why Martyna was the best buddy. Damn, I did it again. I could explain a million reasons why Martyna is the best buddy. But there is no perfect words in any language that can explain it. People could see it when they were around. We were Martyna and Nerea. We are Martyna and Nerea. And even if there is an ocean between us, there is still no Martyna without Nerea and there is no Nerea without Martyna.


Crazy girl, thanks for being my family here. Thanks for the laugh, the memories and the adventures. But, most important, thanks for everything that is coming for us. We will find each others again. Like we did in that train from orientation to Washington DC.


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