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“The days are always an adventure, filled with fun, laughter, and happiness!”


Hey Guys,

My name is Michaela Hay and I’m from Ontario, Canada and for the past 10 months I’ve been an au pair in New York! I’m 21 years old and this has been the best experience I have done so far. It was an easy choice to become an au pair, I have always loved children and travelling and this seemed like the best move for me at this point in my life. I totally recommend doing this for one year or more for anyone who loves children and travelling!! I came across Au Pair in America through a talk at my college and as I was finishing college soon, I needed to figure out what to do in my near future. I knew that I enjoyed caring for children and exploring new places and being an au pair seemed like the perfect opportunity to explore my passions further. I was super nervous for every part of this major transition but once I landed in New York, I was greeted by an Au Pair in America staff member who helped me find my way to my luggage and to the bus which would take me to the Orientation hotel. Once I arrived at the hotel I met the other au pairs and all the staff and Orientation teachers who were super friendly, welcoming and reassuring. Meeting all these other au pairs who were in the same boat as I was really comforting and it really felt like we were starting this journey together. I made lifelong friends during my days at Orientation as well as learning so much about multiple cultures and the USA.

Meeting my host family couldn’t have gone better, I just fit right in with them and their routine. They were the most welcoming, loving, inclusive and absolutely amazing family! It feels like a privilege getting to take care of my three host children. The days are always an adventure, filled with fun, laughter, and happiness! I also find looking after children such a rewarding job. We all learn so much from each other. I love when my host children pick up on the things I say differently and start to say it!! My children are easy going and pretty much always up for anything I suggest or plan!  I have been lucky enough for my host family to include me on their travels and they are always giving me help and advice on places to see/ activities to do in the city so I can make the most out of my au pair year!

For the study requirement of the au pair program, I took a travel class in Boston. It was an amazing experience and I loved learning about the history of Boston! Advice I would give to people who are considering becoming an Au Pair is to do it. I know it seems scary, overwhelming and hard to think about leaving your family and friends but it really is worth it, it’s such a great and rewarding experience! Whilst looking for your host family and during the interview process make sure to take your time to talk to each family in order to match with the best family for you! Matching with the right family will make your year 1000 times better! I would also say to reach out to as many people as possible once you get here and do not be afraid to try new things from food, culture, an activity or anything else. One of my favourite memories so far is my trip to Colorado! It was an amazing week, full of views, skiing, sightseeing and touring! I will never forget it! The biggest highlight of my year so far, has been getting to know and live with my host family. I do not think my experience would be as good as it has been without them.

If you want to experience life in the USA as an au pair like Michaela, register here and start your application today! 

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