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Estonian au pair Kart has spent the last 10 months living with her host family on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu! She gives us the lowdown on island life and her experience as an au pair so far!



My name is Kärt and I am an Estonian girl who is currently living in the Hawaiian island called Oahu as an au pair and I would love to share with you my experience being part of the Au Pair in America program.

So, let’s start from the beginning. Why did I decided to become an au pair? In January 2015, after 4.5 years of studying in Tallinn Healthcare College, I got my diploma in midwifery and nursing. After that I started working as midwife but during the studies and also after working for some time my dream of going to live abroad and travel won over the safe everyday life I was living and I decided I have to find out more about my opportunities. So when I heard about the au pair program in America, I decided it was the perfect opportunity for me because I have always enjoyed taking care of children, playing with them and helping them.

After contacting the Au Pair in America Estonian office it took me around 3 months to fill in my documents and find the perfect family for me and overall it took 5 months from applying until I flew to the USA to start my au pair experience. Before meeting my family I had a few days of training in New York City and then I flew to my family. I was beyond excited to meet them. I arrived to Oahu early in the morning and my host mom picked me up from airport and then we drove to my future home for the next year.

The drive to my host family’s house was magical because it was just like from a tropical movie seeing all of the beautiful Hawaiian nature around us. When we arrived my host kids where just waking up and came to check out this new au pair called Kart who came from Estonia to take care of them. My little host girl welcomed me with big smile and invitation to play with her and our friendship started instantly. But with her younger brother it took more time for him to get used to me being there. My host mom and dad where both really welcoming. I believe with them communicating openly is key to having a great host family and au pair relationship.

So far being an Au Pair in America has been an unforgettable experience what I would not change for anything. I have learned so much from my American family about great family values, I’ve given my heart and soul to these two wonderful Hawaiian kids, I’ve travelled around Oahu and Indonesia, I’ve made new friends and I’ve grown as a person.

For young people thinking about applying to be an au pair then research more and if you believe it is something for you just do it. There is nothing to lose and you will gain so much from this experience. Becoming an au pair allows you to live like a local and really experience America in a way that you wouldn’t be able to if you were visiting as a tourist.

Finally, choosing one highlight of my year so far, is the hardest thing! Every day as its own highlights so how do I choose? It could be hiking in beautiful green Hawaiian mountains with friends, having a beach day, making sand castles, swimming in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with my little ones or snorkelling with colorful fish and turtles. In conclusion I feel being an au pair in Hawaii with a great host family is the best part of my experience.



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